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It starts on March 22nd, 2021.


Growing People & Transforming Organizations from the inside out.

In a time of global uncertainty, panic, and intense pressure, change becomes the next normal.

Now it is easier than ever to lose track of who you are and what your north-star is.

The old structures and processes are not reliable anymore. There is no anchor or guidance in the outer world. The only pilar you can always rely on remains your inner world.

When change becomes the next normal, we have to learn to inspect and adapt. The only question is: do we perceive change as a chance or rather as a threat?

Based on the latest Neuroscience and neuropsychology research, we now understand how key aspects of our mindset work together to help us achieve greater success.

The key to this greater success in your personal and professional life, as an individual or organization, all lies within your mind.

The (agile) Mindset Masterclass Schedule

LIVE Lesson 1

What is an agile Mindset?

March. 22nd 18:30 CET

LIVE Lesson 2

Your agile Mindset Path

March. 23rd 18:30 CET

LIVE Lesson 3

The agile Mindset in action

March. 24th 18:30 CET

LIVE Lesson 4

More goodies and surprises

March. 25th 18:30 CET

Instead of overwhelming you with information, you will dive into actionable workshops, practical exercises, Q&A, and coachings with me - all designed to help you start to grow in a world where change became the next normal. 4 powerful sessions, 90 min each!

Join us for this FREE course and you will:


The #1 skill of the 21st century

Learn the one key mindset shift which will transform your life and help elevate you to new levels of success, abundance, and confidence


Seed supportive habits

Understand how tiny changes in your life can grow into life-altering outcomes. We learn how small changes will have a transformative effect on your career, your relationships and your life.


Activate your sources of energy

Learn why knowing your sources of energy is so important. They show us what really matters in our lives and what motivates us. They influence our lives more than we think.


Identify what limits you...

...and break through the wall of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-shame you struggled with perhaps your entire life. Become aware of your limiting beliefs and learn how to bounce back.


Find your North-Star

Millions of people on this planet struggle with trying to fulfill their potential, get clarity in their life and find their purpose. The difference between those who have a North-Star and those who haven’t lies within your brilliant mind.

Meet Dorin.

Dorin helps individuals, teams, and companies to improve their performance by adopting an agile mindset. He works as a trainer, coach, and consultant with a strong focus on changing individuals’ mental models which they have built up over the years. By combining ideas and techniques from facilitation, coaching, mentoring, conflict management, mindfulness, silva mind control, NLP, and agile, he helps individuals and organizations to achieve high-performance.

I've supported more than 1000 people to step on the agile mindset path and do the inner transformation to get over their own mental roadblocks...

Now it’s time to set you up for long term success!