Purpose-Driven Career Navigator

How to create your purpose-driven career path in 4 weeks

Get step by step guidance on how to create your purpose-driven career path that you have always dreamed of. You’ll reconnect with your life purpose and get clarity about your next step, regardless if it is a new job, advance your career, or starting a new business. You will learn to overcome mental barriers, boost your self-esteem and go beyond perfectionism. You will learn how to activate the hero within so that you make a lasting change by taking small steps.

You will understand how to break down your vision in small, doable steps, which you can stick to using agile techniques. After the course, you will be more authentic, find more fulfillment in your life by doing what you really love.

4 video modules + 50 page interactive workbook + group coaching + expert advice


The (agile) Mindset Masterclass

Growing People & Transforming Organizations from the inside out

In a time of global uncertainty, panic, and intense pressure, change becomes the next normal. Now it is easier than ever to lose track of who you are and what your north star is.

The old structures and processes are not reliable anymore. There is no anchor or guidance in the outer world. The only pilar you can always rely on remains your inner world.

When change becomes the next normal, we have to learn to inspect and adapt. The only question is: do we perceive change as a chance or rather as a threat?

Based on the latest Neuroscience and neuropsychology research, we now understand how key aspects of our mindset work together to help us achieve greater success.

The key to this greater success in your personal and professional life, as an individual or organization, all lies within your mind.

4 modules + 40-page interactive workbook + live coaching + expert advice

The (agile) Mindset Accelerator

Individuals and corporations are undergoing tremendous change today. Our working environment is governed by increasing agility, digitalization, flexibility, and disruption. Rising dynamics, complexity, change, and uncertainty are becoming the norm. What we often experience is:

  • Resistance to change
  • High levels of stress
  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of focus and orientation
  • Leadership challenges
  • A need to be future-proof and adaptable to change  

When speed in change and agility are becoming key to success, then the following questions are raised: How do I stay fit for the future? How does my team adapt to change? How do I stay focused and keep the orientation? We not only need a different set of skills in an unpredictable world, but we also need a different mindset.

The (agile) Mindset Accelerator ® is an 8 weeks group coaching program aimed to help employees, change agents, leaders, and HR professionals build a growth-oriented and agile mindset as a solid fundament for a successful transformation - personal and organizational - from the inside out.  The program combines elements from neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, Silva Mind Control, NLP, Co-Active coaching, and agility to deliver the best possible results.

8 video tutorial lessons + 120 page interactive workbook + an in-depth group and individual coaching + peer groups + mastermind

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