Leading you down the path toward a better tomorrow.

Some time ago, somewhere along the way I lost my path – and ignored it for quite some time. Till I ended with major panic attacks.

Back then I decided, that from now on I would explore deeper inside myself and it turned out to be the most profound and transformative experience of my life!

Are you brave enough to explore inside yourself and discover the infinite power of your light?


Hi, I’m Dorin.

I help individuals, teams, and organizations to design their authentic, purpose-driven path and unlock their full potential from the inside out.

I'm a certified professional coach (CPCC, ACC), certified trainer and consultant with a strong focus on challenging individuals’ mental models which they have built up over the years. By combining tools and techniques from co-active coaching, organisation and relationship systems coaching, appreciative enquiry, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, mindfulness, silva mind control, NLP, design thinking, and agile, I support individuals and businesses on their transformation path toward a better tomorrow.


Growing People, Transforming Organizations from the Inside Out

Professional development & Personal Growth

Are you asking yourself "whats next for me?" Perhaps you are looking for a professional reorientation, starting a new business, or an opportunity to rediscover or reaffirm your values and dreams?

Are you longing for making a contribution and an activity that is aligned with your purpose, vision, and values?

Agile Transformation & Agile Coaching

In a world that is changing faster than ever, adapting to change becomes vital. As customer expectations continue to evolve – looking for new products, services, and experiences –, employees continue to demand clarity, purpose, inner guidance, and meaning in their work.

Now it is crucial to position your organization to quickly adapt to these circumstances...

Leadership Coaching for the New Way of Working

You lead for visions to behold. For missions to be fulfilled. For potential to be discovered. For people to unfold. You lead to inspire people to invest their time and passion to contribute to that vision. Not just to solve problems!

You want to lead by example, to maximize your own potential so you can better serve the people and the organization you are leading?


"I have worked with Dorin over a period of 8 months starting out in a place of low self-esteem, uncertainty, and feeling lost. 

I have become a big fan of Dorin's coaching approach: identifying my different positive and negative energies, personifying them, and developing body poses that embody each energy has been freeing, clarifying, and educational. I am now in a place filled with purpose, sunshine, gratitude, confidence, and self-efficacy. 

Dorin is a great person to be coached by. He provided me with the safe space that I needed to build trust and work through some of the more (and most) harmful experiences that have engrained themselves. 

If you appreciate visualizing and embodying, you will love his coaching! It is eye-opening and life-changing 🙏🏼"

- Bernadette R.

"Dorin has the capacity to empower you and push you to achieve your goals towards your Purpose and at the same time give you confidence and make you feel safe and understood. He is like your marathon partner who with authenticity and mastery gives it all to help you in your transformation path."

- Cristina B.