Coaching Services

I love to work with people who are eager to explore, experiment, and grow, and long for a purpose-driven career and life.

I believe that challenging and awakening your authentic, inner leader, a healthy dose of self-confidence combined with love and passion for what you do are the seeds for a life fully lived.


Agile coaching

We move in an increasingly complex world. The (agile) transformation in companies is often not as successful as desired. It's a long, demotivating, and often very frustrating journey. The reason for this is that companies concentrate exclusively on the implementation of the procedural frameworks, processes, and methods and overlook one thing: the inner transformation in people - our thought patterns, emotions, and habits - which should occur in order to succeed. However, in most companies, this is hardly discussed.

  • Team Coaching
    Agility needs self-organization. But why does self-organization work so seldom? It requires self-leadership and, above all, people willing to grow.
  • Agile Mindset Coaching
    To create something new and adapt to a constantly changing world, we need the ability to leave outdated habits and thought patterns. This ability, which we can acquire through self-reflection, is essential for present and future success.
  • Servant Leadership Coaching
    Self-management is key for Self- & Servant-Leadership. If you can lead yourself, you act on your own responsibility, set your goals and the path to be followed.
  • Trainings & Workshops
    Ensure organizational agility, lead sustainable change, go from a fixed to a growth mindset to create trust-based self-organization, and unfold peoples potential.

Life & Career exploration

The nature of life is to transform and evolve. You have everything within yourself you wish for a happy and fulfilling life. Sometimes you just need support to recognize it. I help you live the life that is truly possible for you - a rich, robust, fully expressed life.

  • It is never too late... create a career and life that is generative, constantly creative, productive, changing, evolving and with plenty of room for surprises.
  • Imagine your career and life
    You can imagine a career and a life that don't exist; you can build that future you, and as a result your life will change.
  • Feeling stuck?
    Together we explore where your life is right now while also helping you create a vision of where you want it to go and a plan to get there. Throughout the process, I will not only guide you, but I will provide you with all the support you need.

Leadership coaching

“You can only lead others when you are able to lead yourself.’’

Today’s leaders need to be agile, collaborative, and most importantly relationship-focused - able to connect with, engage, and empower employees. They are able to bring out the best in themselves and their people, and are fully equipped with the human emotional intelligence needed to navigate in challenging and uncertain times.

  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Leadership
    Change begins inside ourselves. Self-reflection is the path to a deeper "I", an inner transformation that is very personal, and at the same time a key element towards great leadership.
  • Servant Leader
    As a successful agile leader, you are committed to the success of the entire team and also understand the importance of staying behind the scenes when appropriate.
  • Emotions and Intuition
    Intuition is often the catalyst that spreads innovation. Increased awareness, expressing feelings, and attitudes between people, as well as the own inner balance, are qualities agile leaders are encouraged to develop.

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