All about me

Hello! I’m Dorin,
I help individuals, teams, and organizations to design their authentic, purpose-driven path and unlock their potential from the inside out.

I'm a trainer, coach, and consultant with a strong focus on challenging individuals’ mental models which they have built up over the years. By combining ideas and techniques from facilitation, co-active coaching, mentoring, mindfulness, silva mind control, NLP, design thinking, and agile, I support individuals and businesses on their transformation journey from good to great.


What my clients say


Dorin is an empathetic person with in-depth coaching knowledge. I immediately had the feeling that he was actively listening and thinking along. He guided me through the coaching process confidently and in a structured manner and asked me to see my topic with new eyes. With full confidence, I would turn to Dorin again at any time.

Helena G.


The best thing for me was to have the guidance and weekly follow-up with Dorin.

That helped me to stay motivated and engaged and to be part of a group ("safe space") since sharing our own experiences and progress, helped me to commit and be encouraged and to support others.

Cristina B.


Dorin created a safe learning environment for us to explore our mindsets. Together with amazing people from all over the world, we explored our thinking patterns and identified limiting beliefs that have been preventing us from reaching our full potential.

Thanks, Dorin for making this journey.!


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